Company Mission

Founded in 1997, by Lisa Dennis, Knowledgence® Associates focuses on strategy and execution for both marketing and sales.

Our mission has been to help clients:

See the world through their customers’ eyes™

Who We Work With

Our clients span the globe, in a broad range of industries. We partner with individuals and teams in small-business, mid-market, and enterprise companies.   Our primary focus is B2B:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profits
  • Insurers
  • Fortune 500
  • Solopreneurs
  • Tech Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Start-ups
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
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ABM Graduate School Objectives

value prop platform integrated messaging

Move from ABM Methodology to ABM Application

For those who go through ABM certification, getting to the next level is all about application in the field with accounts. Whether you are already an ABMer with experience, or a newly certified marketer, or a grass-roots ABMer – we take you to next level strategies, tactics and results.

mirror marketing sales activities

Align Marketing and Sales ABM Activities

The power of ABM lies in the collaboration between the marketer and the account team. We provide added focus on process, strategies and tactics to align efforts in service of the account and their priorities.

integrate sales marketing

Gain Deeper Best Practice Insights

Go behind the scenes of best practice examples, both external and internal to your company, to extract leverageable programs that can be applied across your markets. Elevate your ABM program’s results by adapting your best ABM strategies and campaigns across your global footprint.

“One of the most valuable contributions to our ABM community, in my opinion, is the continuous education. I personally found great value in the Grad School sessions.”

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